Saturday, May 25, 2013

Take the Challenge 20/20

The Challenge 20/20 is a great opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other teachers and students from around the world to find local solutions to global problems. By connecting with other classes, educators will find positive ways to flatten the classrooms and engage minds in an online connected world.

I think the three challenges that apply best to my 5th grade students would be Global Warming, Water Pollution and Deforestation. One of the Units we have in early May is "Natural Resources" and the different possible solutions we have to solve world issues problems. So, we could become part of a collaborative project to reinforce what we have studied in the classroom.

I'm very excited to sign up for the Challenge 20/20. I'm looking forward to working with other educators around the world. What about you? Would you dare to try out something new? This is the chance to show off what you are doing with your students. You won't regreat. 

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